Helix Piercing

For the lovers of various kinds of bod mod (body modification), having a cute piece of jewelry on the upper part of the cartilage is now possible! This is called the helix ring. All that is required is a sterilized needle with which the ear cartilage is pierced.

There are various variations of the helix piercing which is also called Rim piercing depending on the angle and number of holes to be made that can be worn by a single piece of jewelry. The basic thing to know is that a piercing is classified as a helix as long as it has been made on the ear’s cartilage. There are many variations of a helix piercing.

The diagram helps in differentiating them.

Here are some of the various helix piercings on a real ear…


These are some of the designs of rings worn on a helix piercing…


(Images from Google)


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