How to Organize Your Jewelery Cheaply

People who love complimenting their outfits with various kinds of jewelry often tend to have lots of accessories. With time one may find her precious accessories becoming quite a tangled mess which makes it an eternal search for a missing piece of jewelry  Need I say how annoying it can be?!
Well, this need not be the case because this situation can be easily reversed if the necessary attention is accorded to the task. The basic things required to make this a cheap ‘mission possible’ is time and a touch of creativity.

Let me first encourage you to erase any fear regarding organizing your jewelry  It should be a fun and inexpensive thing to do. You need not spend crazy amounts of cash purchasing armories or jewelry boxes.

Here are some pointers that should help steer you in the right direction.
1) Do not be afraid to explore your creative side. You are allowed to be as wild as you can possibly be with your space.

2) Use readily available resources that are at your disposal. Clothes (or a handkerchief/a random fabric) that you rarely use can be used to hook your pairs of earrings. Picture frames and even clothes’ hangers can be used to hang necklaces on while simple bowls or small containers can be used to hold button earrings and studs or bracelets and anklets. Simply analyse what’s available and figure out how to make it serve you.

3) Practice patience as you sort and or untangle the mess. Figure out which pieces of jewelry you would like to throw away, keep, sell or give to someone. This helps you organize the jewelry you need and are sure that you will use. Some pieces require a little repair; keep those aside as well so that you can take them to be fixed or DIY. I discovered that I could design jewelry by mixing salvageable elements of spoiled jewelry to create new pieces. So you never know, you may be on a path to discovering your new hobby! 🙂

4) Figure out the criteria with which you will group the jewelry  It could be by colors,  functionality, frequency of use, materials used, among any other criteria. Once that is done, use the resources discovered at number 2 above to organize your lovely jewelry.

Below are a few photos I found on Google that help get my points home 🙂

        using a fabric or a cloth to dangle those precious earrings on

       extreme creativity at work here don’t you think? 🙂

   see? You are never out of options!

(images courtesy of Google)


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