#FatumasVoice: Personal Branding by Julie Gichuru

Poetry in Kenya – particularly in urban places – is doing great. Young talented poets are gradually getting the audience they have been craving. Creativity and various forms of art are slowly getting appreciated and platforms that encourage these skills are also emerging. #FatumasVoice is one of those platforms. Poets from all walks of life come together and encourage, inspire, teach, crack you up, rebuke and do all weird and great things with their gift of words.

julie fatumasvoice

#FatumasVoice is held every Friday of the week at PAWA254 hosted by Kenyan Poets Lounge at a fee of 100 bob only. It is a community of a kind. Creatives meet to enjoy each other’s company, network, share, laugh and enjoy art. The event usually begin with a discussion on various topics that are fun and educative, then poets take to the stage and punch our guts out, pick our brains as well as put smiles on our faces. Various poetry acts are punctuated with musical breaks from really cool bands like  Phy and the BandSarabi and Hart the Band among others. It is loads of fun! Oh, and how can I forget reporting that at the end of the event people go to the rooftop to enjoy some snack while posing for photos, playing pool and generally making merry?

I shall religiously update you on various #FatumasVoice events. I promise. 🙂

Now, this week’s #FatumasVoice is intended to be exceptional. We shall be learning from Julie Gichuru on how to brand ourselves. It shall be very exciting now that now that most of us interact with her only through our TV screens. 😀 ‘She shall be leading us through the fundamentals of personal branding, its relevance to Africa’s growing economy, and the mental approach we ought to give it so as to utilize its purpose in the most appropriate ways. Kindly come with questions, comments and ideas to share during the session.’ – Kenya Poets Lounge.

Poetry and music will be by ‘Wendy Kemunto, Timoh AishahDante Ndirangu, Lini Band, Lillian Paps KimariBrigeddia Onono, Uty, among others’. A young girl (now that schools have closed) will be making her debut.

Come spend your Friday evening reeling in the art of words. Here’s the link to the event… Personal Branding – Knowing Thyself
So, will I see you on November  Friday 22 2013 between 4:30 to 8:30 pm at PAWA254?

Directions to PAWA254

Directions to PAWA254


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