This post has been a long time coming but I have decided to post it on this International Women’s Week come what may!

I know most of us have had encounters with children. We can narrate hours on end about the lessons God teaches us through them, character training and even the cheeky funny stuff that makes it so much fun having them around. (Whoa, breathe. That’s a long sentence…).


What strikes me about children is the simplicity with which they live and enjoy life. As long as they trust you, then every word out of your mouth is ‘yes and amen’ to them.


So should it be between us and our Heavenly Father, God. Confident that our Father wants us to go to Him, unhindered.


Trusting that He hopes and wants the best for us. Knowing that His love for us will consume any hatred that may try to mess with our relationship with Him.


Like a parent is concerned about the growth and well being of their child, so is God about His children.


The child lives a life of confidence in the victory s/he has through every curve-ball life and enemies of God try to throw at him/her. S/he knows that under the shadow of Daddy’s wings, s/he is safe.

Safe to enjoy every inheritance his/her Father has for him/her in Christ Jesus. It should be fun being a child of God. So then, what hinders that childlike character in His children?


Maybe these children are convinced that if other people don’t love them, then surely God is too good to be true… LIE!


Or maybe others think that he must be a harsh Dad with a galaxy-long list of do’s and don’ts… Well, like any responsible parent, God wants His children well mannered and representing Him in excellence. So, training is inevitable, but He does it in love and according to the measure, season and ability of every one of His children.
His goal is relationship not robots.


His heart is full of love for His children. The warmth of His embrace is enough to undo the wrath of this world that attacks His children.


He is not too lofty to be concerned with the details in our lives, and He’s not small to be scared by the wiles of the devil.


We are children of Love. Love never fails.

Model: Angel (my niece) 😉
Jewelry: Eireney
Thanks to Eddah (Mama Angel), Olive (auntie Angel) and Lynn (auntie Angel) for the fun we had taking these photos.
May you know your Heavenly Father in a deeper way.

Happy International Women’s day to all my sisters in Christ and future sisters in Christ.

Love, Eireney.


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