Like A Child – Angel

I know most of us have had encounters with children. We can narrate hours on end about the lessons God teaches us through them, character training and even the cheeky funny stuff that makes it so much fun having them around.


#RevealedOverflow – How it went down!

Christ + Nasara + Yung Nnoiz + Live band = #RevealedOverflow. In case you are wondering, that was the aspects that made up #RevealedOverflow. Revealed Overflow is the name of the maiden concert in the gospel music ministry scene this year on Saturday, 23rd 2016 at MJ Centre.   The thought of attending the event…Read more #RevealedOverflow – How it went down!

Peace Pieces

Happy new year family! Hey you, yes you. Don't you laugh at me. The year is only 27 days old... so it's still relatively new. Besides, I haven't been here in about a year or so. After dusting the blog off, it's only fair that I should greet you in the most grand way I…Read more Peace Pieces

It’s Here! The KNEF Worship Concert

It is with extreme excitement that I let you know about the Kinyua Ngeera Education Foundation's annual worship concert! Ululations!!! The Kinyua Ngeera Education Foundation (KNEF) is a Christian non-profit organization that runs an education fund. The organization believes in "Educating Future Leaders". The fund holds annual worship concerts to raise funds and awareness.As it has…Read more It’s Here! The KNEF Worship Concert

Introducing… Julia Raymond

Julia Raymond is an upcoming artist whose first single is part of Intricate Fusions's The Love and Hymns project. The single which will be released soon is called 'Haiya'. She has been coached and mentored by some of the best in the industry. Caroline Mogaka, Ian Mbugua, Erick Wainaina, Kaima Mwiti and Daniel Akoyi have been…Read more Introducing… Julia Raymond

Interacting with Phy

I first met Phy at #FatumasVoice (a poetry event that happens at PAWA 254 every Friday evening). My first impression of her was that she had a soulful and sweet personality. I was right! She is now a friend. It is possible for me to go on and on and on and on... so let…Read more Interacting with Phy