Happy Pearls

I was commissioned to make a pearl necklace set that had a neck piece, a bracelet and simple minimalist pearl drop earrings.
I will let the results speak for themselves…

Happy cheeky

Hi there, I am the Happy Pearl Set. It is nice to meet you, my Future Owner 😉 


Happy ears

I consist of these sweet minimalist and elegant drop earrings…


Happy hands

… and a one-strand, beautiful pearl bracelet…


Happy Neckpiece

… completed by the chunky, classic, pleasing to the eye, four strand pearl necklace.


Original inspiration for happy series

I’m a pearl jewellery set that has been put together by gifted hands that love to create handmade jewellery.




I bring joy into your wardrobe and a smile to your day,


Happy moody

Even on days you’d rather frown or are feeling down,


Happy silly

Just wear me, your pearl set, mix and match me with your outfit of the day, remember this cheeky picture of me and smile to your day…



Happy cheeky

Or maybe laugh!


Kathi pearls

Like our beautiful model!

Hey, hope the narrative told by the pearl jewellery set brought you a smile, a chuckle, a giggle or even a laugh. I always enjoy creating these pieces and it’s just as exciting to share them with the world.

You can see other handmade jewelry pieces on our Facebook Page.

Till next time, Love Eireney, Buy Eireney, Support Eireney.
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